I am so behind in my work I just want to quit, but I won’t I’ll just try harder..I will not go down without a fight! I am stronger and I behave! I can take more than I go after, I am guilty if under achieving and not finishing at times..I fight hard to get through some days. No matter how hard it seems it could be worse. I am made in the Image of God and I am created to be great. And so are you

Be your own biggest cheerleader..be your own fan..push yourself..remind yourself of what you’re made of. Give yourself second chances…pat you on the back! It does not matter how many times they pass you up..you can’t be everybody’s favorite..be your own favorite!

Don’t be arrogant selfish or self centered!

But by all means cherish love and lift up self..I promise you can do it, you will make it..and you are worth all the good God has for you in this life





Say goodbye to those lies you tell youself to get by! Stab them to death…give a funeral to your exscuses and blow up all those false senses of hope you give yourself..as you sit and sleep and cry..life passes you by!…why not let it die..the grudge..the anger…the feelings you bury deep..those thoughts that refuse to let you sleep! Kill it all wipe it out..and after its over and the clean up is threw. Build a new world for yourself make it about you. Your passions ..your ..idea of fun..your truth is waiting as a prize to be won.

So set the alarm and make this the day you finally decide to let it go trust God and pray….get some friends and a few of your favorite things..have a funeral for your old life as your new world begins!


I will say that I am the person who always gives up! But I stuck to it and watching my business grow has been very rewarding! Not giving up is good for building resiliamce. You cannot fail at something of you don’t try but you will also never know if you’ll succeed either! If you do the work and keep going you’ll either succeed at what you’re doing or continue to learn new ways not to do what you are trying to do! But never give up on a dream…today might be the day that your (IT) FINALLY WORKS!

Look back on today and make it the day you gave yourself permission to dream..to succeed..to fail..and to live the life you choose…never give yourself a reason to look back and regret what you were to scared to try and do!


Hi peeps!

I am generally a very sleepy person..I always get tired for no reason , I just recently three weeks or. So ago 

started to use a product called Thrive…i love it!!

Just wanted y’all to know!!…..if you are low on energy for life..and just.  sluggish in general I’ll leave a link here for you to check out what I am carolynn3032.le-vel.com


Life is full of learning, today was about learning to live.. Learning to speak life..learning to not just think about life but to live it..are you living..or jus fantasizing about that book..that job..that workout? We spend too much time thinking without moving.. Living is an action not a bi product of having breath. Every step has be taken in purpose and life is best lived awake!!!


I didn’t think my little thoughts and my little life mattered, but I see it does, I was full willing to give up my writing..but it proved itself..the bible sais to be sure that your ministry will make room for you.. So to all of you who liked ..and followed mE today.. Because today was my first successful day online.. Much love to you all


Crash and burn is not a lifestyle..it is an indication of moving in the wrong direction! Failure is a blessing! It is a new direction. It is life saying wrong way! The more crashes that occur the luckier we are! It means we are getting closer to going the right way! Take a hint..comfort and complacency are not the same..peace accompanies the proper place.. Complacency is the friend of inactivity! Movement and progress no matter how small are indication of a good direction..there is no such thing as trouble around every corner in the will of the father! We can expect good..and yes you are good enough! The savior is madly in love with you and he is not critical of you! He is lovingly building you daily into a better and better you…perception replaces anxiety with new direction.. You are loved and there in him is no exception!

He is your new life he is the resurrection!

The Yucky>>>

Yucky stuff almost always exists in very dark places! under garbage can lids, in toilet bowls , you get the point right?  download-3Well our  lives when they are exposed to  a lot of drama and traumatic events can have the same issue. like most things that are yucky they first reveal themselves with a nasty smell! in this case it would mean a nasty attitude ,or a depressive state of behaving, this is to alert us that something  yucky is growing in a dark place. dark places need light water and maybe even a little scrub to get rid of the nasty, to clean the nasty you must first follow the smell!!! when you find it don’t be scared to clean, trash or re-arrange the area. all of us can use some cleaning, and we all have a dark place we just refuse to look at.. now would be a great time to handle the smell!!

do it yourself!

I do  my own hair and nails sometimes and it is a lot of work! it saves me money but i make mistakes!.. remember to have respect for other people and the gifts they carry! it is not as easy as it looks!download-2

Let”s do it!

As children we thought it was funny to play house and say that sex was doing it..LOL!! how funny it was to us, and if we did not grow up in a christian home it was almost a given to find pornography and sexual images just laying around the house. but in the Song of  Solomon we are urged to not  awaken our sexual desires before the time that is appropriate (marriage)…unfortunately most of have already done it and more than once and we have become conditioned towards what we enjoy..or do we enjoy it? how many times have we had sex and gotten too emotionally involved too soon?  or did something stupid like call some one 100 times who clearly does not  love or want us?  I would go so far as to say the keeping of sex until marriage is more for our protection than we will ever know. besides the fact that the bible calls it sin and you may ask why is it a sin? maybe the sin is against ourselves when we do such damage to our already frail hearts. either way it makes sense now more than ever to wait.