I am so behind in my work I just want to quit, but I won’t I’ll just try harder..I will not go down without a fight! I am stronger and I behave! I can take more than I go after, I am guilty if under achieving and not finishing at times..I fight hard to get through some days. No matter how hard it seems it could be worse. I am made in the Image of God and I am created to be great. And so are you

Be your own biggest cheerleader..be your own fan..push yourself..remind yourself of what you’re made of. Give yourself second chances…pat you on the back! It does not matter how many times they pass you up..you can’t be everybody’s favorite..be your own favorite!

Don’t be arrogant selfish or self centered!

But by all means cherish love and lift up self..I promise you can do it, you will make it..and you are worth all the good God has for you in this life




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