Crash and burn is not a is an indication of moving in the wrong direction! Failure is a blessing! It is a new direction. It is life saying wrong way! The more crashes that occur the luckier we are! It means we are getting closer to going the right way! Take a hint..comfort and complacency are not the same..peace accompanies the proper place.. Complacency is the friend of inactivity! Movement and progress no matter how small are indication of a good direction..there is no such thing as trouble around every corner in the will of the father! We can expect good..and yes you are good enough! The savior is madly in love with you and he is not critical of you! He is lovingly building you daily into a better and better you…perception replaces anxiety with new direction.. You are loved and there in him is no exception!

He is your new life he is the resurrection!


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