The Yucky>>>

Yucky stuff almost always exists in very dark places! under garbage can lids, in toilet bowls , you get the point right?  download-3Well our  lives when they are exposed to  a lot of drama and traumatic events can have the same issue. like most things that are yucky they first reveal themselves with a nasty smell! in this case it would mean a nasty attitude ,or a depressive state of behaving, this is to alert us that something  yucky is growing in a dark place. dark places need light water and maybe even a little scrub to get rid of the nasty, to clean the nasty you must first follow the smell!!! when you find it don’t be scared to clean, trash or re-arrange the area. all of us can use some cleaning, and we all have a dark place we just refuse to look at.. now would be a great time to handle the smell!!


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