Let”s do it!

As children we thought it was funny to play house and say that sex was doing it..LOL!! how funny it was to us, and if we did not grow up in a christian home it was almost a given to find pornography and sexual images just laying around the house. but in the Song of  Solomon we are urged to not  awaken our sexual desires before the time that is appropriate (marriage)…unfortunately most of have already done it and more than once and we have become conditioned towards what we enjoy..or do we enjoy it? how many times have we had sex and gotten too emotionally involved too soon?  or did something stupid like call some one 100 times who clearly does not  love or want us?  I would go so far as to say the keeping of sex until marriage is more for our protection than we will ever know. besides the fact that the bible calls it sin and you may ask why is it a sin? maybe the sin is against ourselves when we do such damage to our already frail hearts. either way it makes sense now more than ever to wait.


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