It is not Real

Happiness derived from the outside is not real. We need so much to be happy. the next car, the next new pair of shoes,  a man, an experience.. and the list goes on and on. i just knew that if people could see the greatness in me I would finally be happy!, if  I would get hugged  more maybe I wold be happy? It is everyone’s fault but my own. If we do not learn to be happy with what God has given us, we will always be unhappy!. Add self doubt, and a failure ridden past and we truly have a recipe for disaster! Feelings get hurt because nothing is ever enough.. never enough attention, never enough hugs, never enough money. Everything  I have listed are all  temporary things’ and are  subject to change!  Happiness cannot depend on these things.  Friendship’s get destroyed and people hate being around us when we are never happy.


There is hope for us! Get quiet and ask God in prayer why you cannot get happy? he will answer you!! whether it is past pain or misplaced love and trust he can help!

Putting our trust where it belongs will ensure that we will never be disappointed. God who made us will love us in the places where we need, he will validate us, he will show us attention, he fills your need to be needed and your want to be wanted. people can be good to us but they cannot be God to us. they Just cannot bare that kind of weight!…This is good news! From this day on… promise to love yourself enough to ask why!!

Ask the hard questions and do the hard things! you will be so happy you did!

Jeremiah 33:3 Call upon Me and I will answer thee, and I will show thee great and mighty things that thou knowest not! (Holy Bible )


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